Online Auctions

The internet is an amazing tool that can expand your storefront into homes all over the world. eBay offers a way for you to sell the items you already have in your store to a world-wide audience.

What is eBay?

eBay is the world’s online marketplace – a safe place for buyers and sellers to come together.

Who Uses eBay?

There were 147 Million registered users on eBay as of March 2005. Approximately 40 million were active in any given month.

How does eBay work?

At eBay a seller either:

  1. Puts an item up for auction at a certain price, for a certain time. Interested people bid for that item. At the end of the auction duration, the highest bidder wins. OR
  2. Lists an item for a fixed price. The first person who wants the item at the listed price wins!

Why Use eBay? 

With almost 150 million registered users, eBay is a great way to get new people to see what you sell and advertise your product.

After you sell an item on eBay, you can direct your customers to your home website for further purchases.

35% of eBay users are looking for Hard to Find items. Approximately 35% are also looking for New or Used Items.

How Much Does eBay Charge? 

To list an item with eBay costs $0.35 for listings that start between $0.99 and $9.99, a $.05 fee applies to auctions with a fixed price. The listing fee increases as the starting price goes above $9.99.

When an item successfully sells, a final value fee of 5.25% is added by eBay.

What Auction Management Services are Available?

Having R&R Creative handle Auction Management means you never have to worry about eBay. 

We will deal with all auction issues, customer questions and sales. You will be invoiced for your eBay fees by R&R Creative monthly.

When an auction ends we will contact the winner and instruct them on how to pay. We will then let you know that an item has been won and will need to be shipped.

When an item needs to be listed (after a sale), or relisted (after the auction ends with no bids), R & R Creative charges a $0.50 fee.

Do You Have an Example?

If an item was started at a fixed price of $9.99, and the item sold:

eBay Listing Fee:
Fixed Price Fee:
R&R Listing Fee:
eBay Final Value Fee:
Total Fees:
Net Income:

R&R Creative charges a one-time set up fee of $10.00 per item to create a professional listing.

How Do I Get Paid?

A buyer will either pay with a check or money order through the mail, or by using PayPal.

When Do I Ship the Items?

An item is shipped only after you have been paid, and you feel confident that the source of the funding is good. R&R Creative also offers services to pack and ship your items.

How Soon Will I See Results?

The Internet is not something that can just be ‘turned on’, unfortunately. On average it takes at least 3 months to begin to reach definative results, and upwards of 6 months to reach your full potential.

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